Connecting to Health Systems

Pre-Kickoff Support

If questions arise while getting ready to kick off a project with a new health system partner, you can ask them under “Pre-Kickoff Support”. Examples of this type of request are “Have you worked with X EHR before?”, “How well is my scope supported with eClinicalWorks?”, or “Are there any special considerations for working with Allscripts?”. Please review first to ensure your question isn’t already answered with the data available there.

Redox would always prefer to prepare you to hold early conversations with your customers on your own, so if you’re requesting support on a call, please make sure to include the expected agenda items so our team can review and either provide you with the necessary resources or determine that Redox support is needed.

Project Request

This section currently links out to the Project Request Form on our website so that you can request Redox resources for an upcoming project. Project Requests are reviewed on Wednesdays and Fridays and you’ll receive an email with the assigned Redox Integration Manager and the window during which they’ll be available to start the project. Projects are typically staffed about 2-3 weeks out.

General Request

Have a question about connecting to a health system and you’re not sure where it should go? Submit a General Request and we can help point you in the right direction!


Look out for more request types in this category coming soon!