Connecting to Redox

Scope Support

If you have questions about your integration strategy, meaning the specific data models and event types you’ll be using as part of your integrations with your partners, then you can submit a Scope Support ticket.

Technical Enablement

You should submit a Technical Enablement ticket when you are ready to kick off your technical onboarding process. After you submit your ticket you’ll receive an email (same day for tickets submitted before 4pm CT; next business day for tickets submitted any later) with links to pertinent technical documentation and other resources that your team will be able to review as well as further instructions to set up a Q&A call with our technical onboarding team.

Redox API Question

Any technical questions you have related to onboarding your application to the Redox API can be submitted with a request type of Redox API Question.

Technical Validation

Tech validation requests should be submitted you have completed your development and believe you’re ready to kick off your first project. These requests will prompt our technical onboarding team to perform validation testing where we confirm your destination can appropriately receive and your source has initiated all of your scoped events.