Request Help from Redox

The Redox Help Desk can be accessed at The information below is meant to help you create an account and get going.


The Redox Help Desk is intended to allow you to request help from our team at all stages of your journey—whether you are seeking onboarding support when working to connect to the Redox API, implementation support as you establish new connections over our network with your partners, or production support for live connections.

Creating a Help Desk Account

When you access the portal at, you’ll be presented with a login screen. To create an account, select the “Sign Up” link and enter your email address and a password. Please use your work email address to create your account so that your account will be associated with your organization.

You’ll receive an email prompting you to confirm your account. Once accepted, your account will be created.

Submitting a Request

From within the portal, you’ll first need to select whether you are looking for Pre-Production or Production Support. You’ll select Pre-Production if you are onboarding to the Redox API or looking for implementation support and Production for support for live, production connections. After selecting the appropriate type of support you’ll be presented with a set of options for the specific type of request you’d like to submit. The requests are set up to automatically connect you with the right team at Redox. If you’re unsure which request type is the right one for you, submit the “General Request” and we’ll help make sure that you’re connected with the right team.

When you submit your request, you’ll be redirected to a summary of the newly created ticket. You can review your submission or add any additional comments from this screen.

Request Types

For more information about each request type, see below:

Ticket Updates and Status

As our team works on your ticket, we’ll provide updates as comments on the ticket. You’ll receive an email whenever there’s a new update on your ticket. When you have updates, you can reply to the email or comment directly in the ticket.

Additionally, from any page in the portal, you can select the “Requests” option in the upper right-hand corner to see all of your open requests.

Adding Additional Participants

If you need to add a member of your team to a ticket for tracking, you can do so by sharing it with them from the right side of the screen within the ticket, or by copying them on an email response.

If the person that you invited does not yet have an account, they’ll receive an email prompting them to set one up. They do not need to set up an account if they only wish to receive email updates.